Shades of Black & White
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Patrick McGoohan became widely popular in West Germany as the character named John Drake, a television Secret Agent. He had first been seen here in 1963 and John Drake had become somewhat iconic.

As the 1950's post-war grey austerity in Europe segued toward the increasingly colourful abundance of the continent in the 1960's, DANGER MAN and John Drake bestrode the very cusp of the decades. Whether because it sensed its own expressionist contribution to the genre or merely because it just liked the look of the style, Germany lapped up the many monochrome detective shows that began to populate television. The Edgar Wallace genre in particular had always been been hugely popular in the country and the character originally created by a very British writer, began to be made into TV shows by German studios, after 1959. Many featured none other than Heinz Drache, the actor who would voice John Drake in German. This was surely no coincidence. The genre known as Krimi, in Germany, was also to become the home of John Drake in the longer-term, for Germanys' readers.

There's a Deutsch version too for any German readers:
Schattierungen von Schwarz & Weiß
Patrick McGoohan war hier bereits als "John Drake", Fernseh-Geheimagent, wohlbekannt. Man sah ihn hier zum ersten Mal im Jahr 1963, und John Drake wurde zu einer Art Ikone.