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Thread: Don't Nail him yet.

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    Default Don't Nail him yet.

    British intelligence suspects that Rawson is selling secrets. Drake poses as a wimpy schoolteacher picked on by teenagers, wins Rawson's friendship, and trails him even to a soccer game, but resists simply pulling Rawson in until he can prove the treason. Following the man to a bookstore, Drake sees his quarry bolt, but discovers a lovely accomplice (Sheila Allen) and a sinister spymaster.

    Having Just watched this great episode I couldn't help noticing that for some reason John Drake reverts back to his American accent that was prominent in the first series.(particularly at the beginning of the episode) perhaps he was still at the transitional stage. I remember a similar thing when Edward Woodward first began the role of the equaliser ,he too had an American accent that eventually evolved into the much improved English one.

    I also noticed a very young Wendy Richard in this episode . it's quite amazing just how many young and upcoming actors got their break in Dangerman before becoming big stars in their own right.
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    Default Don't Nail Him Yet.

    Don't Nail Him yet, is one my my favourite episodes too. Patrick was very good with his persona of the classical music loving, nerdy guy. John Fraser was also very good in his part too.
    When I was in Belgravia about eighteen months ago, I nipped into the pub where Drake met Rawson for a pint. It's still there after all these years.

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    They must have had fun with the *gay subtext* back then too, especially as it was John Fraser.

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